No Graphic staff has Covid-19

The attention of Graphic Communications Group Ltd (GCGL) has been drawn to a false publication by Whatsup News, a social media news platform, that 36 members of our staff have tested positive for covid-19.

There is not an iota of truth in the story, which has been circulating widely on social media.

Precautionary measure
The false publication has resulted from Whatsup News’ deliberately twisting GCGL management’s proactive reaction to information that one of the company’s stakeholders who had visited its premises recently had tested positive for Covid-19.

To be proactive in protecting staff, management decided to make an arrangement for all who were exposed to the person in line of duty to test for Covid-19 in order to know their status.
The company’s Resident Medical Officer, therefore, requested the Korley Clottey Municipal Health Directorate to test staff who interacted with the stakeholder in line of their duty.

“This was a precautionary measure to ensure the health and safety of our employees so that if any of them has been infected by the stakeholder, we can isolate the person early enough for treatment, even before symptoms show,” the Resident Medical Officer,” Dr Jacque Barnes, said.

In all, 34 people, who had interacted with the stakeholder, were tested yesterday, 2nd July, 2020 and are in self-isolation as required by the Covid-19 protocol while awaiting the results.
In line with our information management policy, management was transparent to staff about the development, with a team led by the company’s medical doctor going round to inform staff of precautionary measures taken and reassuring them of the robustness of the health and safety protocols in place.

Test results still not in
“The false publication came late evening of the same day the tests were taken. As I speak, the results of the tests are still not in so what test report is the publication referring to?” Dr Barnes said.

Strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols

GCGL believes that its people are its best asset so it takes their health and safety very seriously. Consequently, the treatment of staff of any health condition is among employee benefits.
Thus, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, the company has kept to this policy by providing the necessary facilities at its premises to ensure the safety of employees and external stakeholders.

These measures include the wearing of mask before entry and throughout presence in the company, hand sanitizer dispensers and siting of veronica buckets at all controlled points of the company’s offices around the country, temperature checking, as well as distribution of face masks and hand sanitizers to staff.

Also, the company has adhered to government directive on social distancing at workplace and decongested the office by maintaining half of the workforce and running virtual meetings.
Again, staff fill health declaration forms when they return from their turn of “social distancing leave.”

Among other things, the form seeks information on whether an employee has been in a crowded place, all to enhance risk assessment for proactive measures to ensure employees’ health.

About GCGL
Graphic Communications Group Ltd is the leading news organisation in Ghana, publishing six leading newspapers, Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Graphic Sports, Graphic Showbiz, Junior Graphic and Graphic Business.

The company also has a strong online presence with GraphicOnline and Graphic NewsPlus, authentic digitised news for those who want to read news from Graphic electronically.
Additionally, it has a packaging subsidiary, G-Pak, a leading printing and packaging company.

GCGL’s other brand is Graphic Courier, which engages in parcel delivery, both inter-city and intra-city as well as product distribution on contract.

Emmanuel Agyei Arthur
Corporate Communications Manager