The Graphic NewsPlus is digitised graphic news designed for the smartphone devices ( both Android and IOS) and the computer. The Graphic NewsPlus makes it possible for those who hitherto had no access to the newspapers of the Graphic stable to have them now. It, thus, places the contents of the newspapers within easy reach of Ghanaians abroad and citizens of other countries not resident in Ghana who desire to read news from the Graphic brands for authentic information.

Also, with Graphic NewsPlus, Ghanaians in the remote parts of the country where the hard copies of the Graphic newspapers do not reach by vehicular circulation can now get them and in good time too as those in the cities.

Graphic NewsPlus is also for our new audience who would rather read the newspapers on digital platforms.
This is a completely new version which offers readers access to both digital versions of newspapers and content from our 24hour news website in addition to breaking news alerts. This new version named Graphic NewsPlus, is also packed with multimedia content such our video documentaries, podcasts, voice notes and photo galleries carefully curated to inform, entertain and educate you of the current and latest news in Ghana.

How It works.
1. Download Graphic NewsPlus NewsPlus and install it just like any other app.
2. Register with your name, email and phone number to access the newspapers. (this is a paid feature)
3. After registration, log in to the app and start browsing. Our History

1.Digital Replicas of the six newspapers
2.Real-time breaking news alerts
3.24 Hour News feed from Graphic
4.Access to previously purchased papers.
5.Ability to download pdfs of purchased papers for an extra fee.
6.Access to both the web version and app.

For more information about the Graphic NewsPlus App, Kindly visit NewsPlus website